Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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Greening in style: Urban form, architecture and the structure of front and backyard vegetation Feb 10, 2019

Article published in Landscape and Urban Planning. 

The underutilized role of community gardens in improving cities’ adaptation to climate change: A review Feb 11, 2019

Article published in People, Place, and Policy. 

Defining the economic scope for ecosystem-based fishery management Feb 13, 2019

Article published in PNAS. 

Try, try again: Lessons learned from success and failure in participatory modeling Feb 14, 2019

Article published in Science of the Anthropocene. 

Effective modeling for Integrated Water Resource Management: A guide to contextual practices by phases and steps and future opportunities Feb 15, 2019

Article published in Environmental Modelling and Software. 

Agricultural intensification, dietary diversity, and markets in the global food security narrative Feb 21, 2019

Article published in Global Food Security. 

Short- and long-term hydrologic controls on smouldering fire in wetland soils Feb 21, 2019

Article published in International Journal of Wildland Fire. 

Adaptive Governance in North American Water Systems: A Legal Perspective on Resilience and Reconciliation Feb 22, 2019

Chapter published in Water Resilience.

Towards connecting biodiversity and geodiversity across scales with satellite remote sensing Feb 27, 2019

Article published in Global Ecology and Biogeography

Land Cover Change in the Abuja City-Region, Nigeria: Integrating GIS and Remotely Sensed Data to Support Land Use Planning Mar 02, 2019

Article published in Sustainability.