Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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Can Co-creation Achieve Better Outcomes for People and Communities? May 06, 2016

Article published in Integration and Implementation Insights.

Can a new form of accounting save animals from extinction? Jan 13, 2015

News article in The Guardian.

Campus as a Living Laboratory for Sustainability: The Chemistry Connection Jun 29, 2017

Article published in Journal of Chemical Education.

Calculate Your 'Beyond the Faucet' Water Consumption Jul 25, 2016

A new online water calculator shows ways you can save water.

Calculate Fetch and Wave Energy Jan 15, 2017

R package to calculate fetch length and wave energy

Businesses delivering the most coveted perk: a better commute Aug 15, 2015

Everyone hates a rough commute. So why aren’t more companies helping their employees come up with better alternatives to driving?

Business Motivations for Conservation Jan 13, 2014

Article published in Resources Magazine.

Bridging sustainability science, earth science, and data science through interdisciplinary education Sep 25, 2019

Article published in Sustainability Science.

Bounds on Transient Instability for Complex Ecosystems Jun 21, 2016

Article published in PLoS ONE.

Book Review: East and West in the Early Middle Ages: The Merovingian Kingdoms in Mediterranean Perspective Dec 01, 2019

Book Review published in Studies in Late Antiquity.