Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summary
Advancing sustainable consumption and production in cities - A transdisciplinary research and stakeholder engagement framework to address consumption-based emissions and impacts Dec 07, 2018

Article published in Journal of Cleaner Production. 

Explaining differential vulnerability to climate change: A social science review Dec 07, 2018

Article published in WIREs Climate Change. 

A watershed-scale model for depressional wetland-rich landscapes Dec 05, 2018

Article published in Journal of Hydrology. 

Smallholder responses to climate anomalies in rural Uganda Nov 29, 2018

Article published in World Development. 

Socio-environmental impacts of lithium mineral extraction: towards a research agenda Nov 27, 2018

Article published in Environmental Research Letters. 

Narco‐Cattle Ranching in Political Forests Nov 26, 2018

Article published in Antipode. 

Reciprocity, redistribution and relational values: organizing and motivating sustainable agriculture Nov 24, 2018

Article published in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 

A tiered, system-of-systems modeling framework for resolving complex socio-environmental policy issues Nov 23, 2018

Article published in Environmental Modelling and Software. 

Adaptation strategies of coastal fishing communities as species shift poleward Nov 22, 2018

Article published in ICES Journal of Marine Science. 

Different environmental drivers of alien tree invasion affect different life-stages and operate at different spatial scales Nov 16, 2018

Article published in Forest Ecology and Management.