Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summary
Measuring the contribution of human mobility to malaria persistence Nov 11, 2020

Article published in Malaria Journal.

The Council of Carthage of 525 and the Making of Post-Imperial Episcopal Authority Nov 10, 2020

Article published in Journal of Late Antiquity

Shifting seas, shifting boundaries: Dynamic marine protected area designs for a changing climate Nov 10, 2020

Article published in PLOS One.

Ecological insights from three decades of animal movement tracking across a changing Arctic Nov 06, 2020

Article published in Science.

Transdisciplinary Synthesis Research in Unruly Environments: Reflecting on a Case Study of Vulnerability and Urban Fishing in the American Gulf Coast Oct 26, 2020

Article published in Projections.

The Earth has humans, so why don’t our climate models? Oct 24, 2020

Article published in Climatic Change.

Accounting for land in the United States: Integrating physical land cover, land use, and monetary valuation Oct 14, 2020

Article published in Ecosystem Services

Reorientation of aquaculture production systems can reduce environmental impacts and improve nutrition security in Bangladesh Oct 14, 2020

Article published in Nature Food.

Elements of disease in a changing world: modelling feedbacks between infectious disease and ecosystems Oct 12, 2020

Article published in Ecology Letters.

Consequences of multiple imputation of missing standard deviations and sample sizes in meta‐analysis Oct 07, 2020

Article published in Ecology and Evolution.