Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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Elements of disease in a changing world: modelling feedbacks between infectious disease and ecosystems Oct 12, 2020

Article published in Ecology Letters.

Eight Strategies for Co-creation May 12, 2016

Article published in Integration and Implementation Insights.

Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modeling Oct 01, 2019

Article published in Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling.

Effects of Urbanization on Native Bird Species in Three Southwestern US Cities Apr 15, 2019

Article published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 

Effects of large wood on floodplain connectivity in a headwater Mid-Atlantic stream May 08, 2018

Article published in Ecological Engineering. 

Effects of forests on children's diets in developing countries: a cross-sectional study May 28, 2018

Article published in The Lancet of Planetary Health. 

Effects of competition on induction of crassulacean acid metabolism in a facultative CAM plant Apr 11, 2017

Article published in Oceologica.

Effects of Climatic Variability on a Statewide Butterfly Community Jan 01, 2017

Dissertation influenced by participation in the Models for Citizen Science Insect Data SESYNC science team.

Effects of alternative developer decision-making models on the production of ecological subdivision designs: experimental results from an agent-based model Oct 01, 2014

Article published in Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design.

Effectiveness of landscape‐based green infrastructure for stormwater management in suburban catchments May 09, 2018

Article published in Hydrological Processes.