Science at Work

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Research at SESYNC is focused on actionable science—i.e., science that is relevant and/or applicable to government, business, and non-governmental organizational (NGO) audiences and, in its broadest sense, can inform a larger, interested public.

All syntheses endeavor to develop solutions to pressing problems, but each effort is unique: some may address a problem for which the science is still emerging, while others add to defined knowledge sets that are closer to practical application.

For example, some synthesis teams collaborate with policy makers or non-governmental representatives, enabling real-time exchanges of perspectives on how synthesis products can be used. Other synthesis teams build consultative relationships with governmental staff or businesses that periodically provide insights and become end users of the knowledge generated.

Center-wide, SESYNC uses multiple communications methods to target specific audiences and to integrate information from synthesis projects. Ours is a transdiciplinary approach grounded in fundamental science and shaped by engagement with audiences who are making decisions on multiple levels.