Tutorial 2- Systems Perspectives and Dynamics

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Jan 11, 2015
Cynthia Wei

This tutorial provides an overview of systems perspectives and the importance of understanding the behavior and dynamics of systems. An overview of ways in which systems are described and studied using diagrams and models is also described. Learning goals for this tutorial include:
•    Be able to define what a system is.
•    Appreciate why systems dynamics are critical to understanding systems.
•    Be able to use a stock and flow diagram to describe the dynamics of a system.
•    Understand how systems dynamics can be described by mathematical equations and models.
•    Understand the concepts of reinforcing and stabilizing feedbacks in systems.
For one of the examples in this tutorial, Dr. Andres Baeza-Castro has built a simple model of the scenario in R. The code for this model can be found in the file “Savings Example_BaezaCastro.R”, which can be downloaded from the Tutorials section of the SESYNC website. We recommend using R studio to open the file and use it to follow along in the tutorial. Additionally, Dr. Baeza-Castro and Dr. Neil Carter have developed a simple modeling exercise that builds on another example presented in this tutorial. Their exercise, titled “A simple example of a socio-environmental system: coupled rabbit and farm dynamics” can be found in Teaching Resources section of SESYNC’s Education subsite.

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