Henrik Österblom

External Advisory Board Member

Dr.  Henrik Österblom is a Science Director at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Professor at Stockholm University. Henrik is interested in marine ecosystems and ways to improve ocean stewardship. Starting as a seabird ecologist, with a particular interest in social interactions between alcids, Henrik has worked on understanding how the Baltic Sea is managed; how international collaboration emerged to address non-compliance in Southern Ocean fisheries; and how transnational corporations shape the present and future ocean. His ongoing work focuses on the role of science in society and the cultural evolution of global prosocial behavior. Henrik has worked at the Swedish Museum of Natural History and as Special Advisor to the Swedish Government in the Secretariat for the Environmental Advisory Council. Henrik also facilitated the “Keystone Dialogues,” a global co-production project, including major private actors in global seafood. This project has resulted in the establishment of the Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) initiative, aimed to transform global seafood towards more sustainable practices. Henrik received his PhD from the Department of Systems Ecology at Stockholm University and his master’s degree in Behavioral Ecology from the Department of Zoology at Uppsala University. Henrik served as a member of SESYNC’s External Advisory Board.

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2015 - 2021
Areas of Expertise
marine ecology
ocean governance
transnational corporations
Research Interests
ocean ecosystems
fisheries management
global cooperation
Methods of Expertise
co-production of knowledge
systems analysis