Stephen Newbold

Scientific Review Committee Member

Dr. Stephen Newbold is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Wyoming. Stephen’s general areas of research interest include environmental and natural resource economics, bio-economic modeling, and applied econometrics. More specifically, Stephen focuses on non-market valuation of environmental quality and human health outcomes, climate change economics, the value of information from scientific studies, systematic conservation using reserve site selection methods, outdoor recreation demand modeling, benefit-cost analysis of environmental and public health policies, and integrated epidemiological and economic modeling of COVID-19. Stephen received his PhD from the University of California, Davis. Stephen served on SESYNC’s Scientific Advisory Committee.  

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2019 - 2020
Areas of Expertise
environmental engineering
environmental economics
Research Interests
climate change
protected areas
outdoor recreation
species conservation
ecosystem services
value of information
systematic conservation planning
Methods of Expertise
non-market valuation
simulation modeling
numerical optimization