SESYNC Welcomes Visiting Scholar Dr. Michael Perring

A headshot of Michael Perring

SESYNC supports scholarship through a variety of integrated programs and opportunities, including short-term visitors. Currently, we are pleased to host visiting scholar Dr. Michael Perring of the University of Western Australia as he conducts synthesis research on novel ecosystems.

Novel ecosystems—where biotic and abiotic changes have led to systems with no precursor—are increasingly widespread across the globe. Ongoing environmental change challenges traditional restoration and conservation approaches in these systems. While at SESYNC, Dr. Perring is examining how to better estimate the causes of novel ecosystem terrestrial extent, and thus inform policy and management interventions in the restoration and conservation spheres.

While in residence, Dr. Perring will lead a seminar on The Global Importance & Management of Novel Ecosystems in the 21st Century. The seminar will be held on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, at the SESYNC facility in Annapolis and is free and open to the public.