Traveling to SESYNC

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)’s travel office can be reached via email at:

Before Your Arrival

All participants will receive a copy of SESYNC’s travel policies and an email containing a link to use our online travel system approximately six weeks prior to their meeting. These policies outline allowable expenses, how to book your travel, and the reimbursement process.

All participants are required to read and confirm the travel policies prior to booking travel.

All participants must complete the online travel request form using the link in the email they receive from our travel office. The online travel request form must be submitted to SESYNC before booking any travel and a minimum of four weeks prior to your meeting.

After submitting the online travel request form, participants may contact Globetrotter, SESYNC’s travel agent, to complete their travel arrangements. SESYNC will reserve accommodations at one of our contracted hotels for all participants.


During the meeting, all participants will be provided with expense reimbursement forms. The completed form, along with original receipts, must be returned to SESYNC’s travel office for processing.

Click here for frequently asked travel questions.