Renee Obringer

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Renee Obringer is an interdisciplinary researcher working at the nexus of data science, urban systems, and climate change. Her research ranges from using machine learning to model urban reservoir levels to analyzing the impact of climate change on the water-energy nexus. Renee earned her PhD in environmental and ecological engineering from Purdue University in 2020. She was also a member of the Ecological Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at Purdue. At SESYNC, Renee uses a combination of machine learning and agent-based modeling to better understand the relationship between urban residents and anthropogenic droughts. She is interested in the impact people may have on improving or exacerbating existing droughts, as well as the feedback loops that may develop over time. Currently, she is considering the southwestern United States as a case study with plans to develop a broad methodological technique that could be applied across the world.

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2020 - 2021
Areas of Expertise
environmental engineering
data science
Research Interests
urban water management
water-energy nexus
climate change impacts
urban resilience
socio-technical systems
Methods of Expertise
predictive modeling
machine learning
data analytics
agent-based modeling